Saturday, 13 October 2012

Muslim International Halal Gelatin

 Muslim International Gelatin was established back in 2002 with an investing capital of more than 50 Million PKR. Today we have a team of highly qualified Chemical engineers and chemists and our annual production capacity is 800 to 1000 tons. We are the manufacturer of Halal Pharmaceutical and the edible grade limed hide and bone gelatin. Management is very keen in maintaining and to further improve the quality of gelatin and di-calcium phosphate. 

We apply diagnostic methods to assure consistent quality manufacturing processes. Our main raw material for production are hide and bones from healthy Pak local cattles which has absolutely no BSE and FMD. We do select only non-contaminated material from the origins with our modern facilities and experienced technicians; we ensure that good quality control and consistency product will be supplied to all our customers.

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