About Gelatin

About Gelatin

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Gelatin is intended for Human Consumption and mainly used as a gelling agent a clarifying Agent (Drink), Binding agent for light sensitive silver halides and A Thickening Agent etc. Gelatin is also used in Food Industry and Pharmaceutical Applications. In food industry Gelatin is widely used in bakery dairy products confectionary jelly ice-cream meat and drinks etc. It can function as a thickener, a processing aid, a whipping agent to foam and ventilate, a protective colloid, a binding agent, a film former, an emulsifier, or as a stabilizer.

Gelatin is extensively used in confectionery for the reason that it gels, foams or solidifies into a piece that liquefies gradually in the mouth, quietly releasing flavors and producing a soft taste sensation. It acts as a preservative in many dairy products, such as yoghurts and supreme ice creams. In yoghurts it helps shun the floury texture of starches, while in ice creams it controls the intemperance formation of ice crystals. Gelatin is also used in aspic to add flavor to meat products while on gelling it also provides a nice shiny appearance to the product.

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